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Over 60 years of family service

Robinson Funeral Home was established in 1941 by Norman P. Robinson. At that time, there were many funeral homes in Melrose and opening another funeral home took great courage. But Norman was committed to staying in Melrose, and built a beautiful and spacious funeral home that would serve the people of Melrose for generations. At that time, funeral homes were often just renovated houses, and to this day, Robinson is one of the only funeral homes in the area that was specifically designed as a funeral home and has ample private parking.

Jeff and Nancy Robinson

In 1974 Norman's son, Jeffrey, began working alongside his father. Jeff and his wife, Nancy, raised their three children in Melrose, and in 1989 they embarked on a substantial renovation and addition to the funeral home, nearly doubling its size.

Mark Robinson

In 2010, Jeff's son, Mark, became the third generation funeral director in the Robinson family. He graduated from the Funeral Institute of New England with honors and from Boston College, Class of 2005. After working as an apprentice, Mark gained the necessary experience to serve families of Melrose and the surrounding communities with as much devotion and care as his predecessors.

Many families come to Robinson Funeral Home and Cremation Services for the quality, attentive service we are best known for. Here are some reviews from families we've helped.

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The funeral home is well located, on the corner of Main Street and Green Street in Melrose and is in close proximity to all churches in Melrose. With a parking lot next to the building, it is one of the only funeral homes in the area where you can consistently find parking. The facility itself boasts two separate viewing rooms with lots of natural light, tasteful furnishings, and soothing colors. Our attention to the finest details is apparent in our constant upkeep and maintenance of our facilities.

We expanded our facility in 1989 to better fit the needs of the community by adding an additional viewing room, larger foyer and beautiful restrooms. Since then, we have maintained it as a modern and gracious facility with spacious rooms, private family rooms, and comfortable groupings of furniture that encourage conversation, reflection, and the sharing of memories.